WheelchairGear History

WheelchairGear’s History

A lost pair of sunglasses created new ideas for wheelchair Bags & wheelchair Backpacks

I was on a “road trip” in the summer of 2002, once I finished eating my breakfast at a restaurant in York, Pennsylvania. Heading out for a full day at The Street Rod Nationals, I loaded my wheelchair into the car and was on my merry way. It didn’t take long for me to start reaching for my sunglasses, eyes on the road my hand began searching for my prized aluminum hot rod sunglasses, then I pulled over and searched the entire car, but they were nowhere to be found. My prized aluminum hot rod sunglasses were gone.

I called the restaurant, but no luck.

After the car show I decided to ride back through the restaurant parking lot to see if maybe I had dropped them there, or if by chance someone had found them. To my utter amazement there they were, lying in the parking lot right around where I had parked. I couldn’t believe it. What a break!

Evidently my sunglasses fell from my wheelchair as I was getting into the car. As you know, most of us have a tendency to hang things from our wheelchairs.

As I was driving home that afternoon I imagined how handy it would be to have a small pack that I could attach to the front of my wheelchair to carry smaller items instead of reaching all the way around the back of my wheelchair to get into my bag.

Wouldn’t it be great if all our really important stuff were close at hand?

I started to brainstorm to identify wheelchair accessories that were the most difficult for me to get to while I was sitting in my wheelchair. I thought about how awkward it was to reach for my wallet since it was in my pants pocket. I also wondered about how great it would be to have my cell phone handy for me to answer it as soon as the phone rang. And, I thought, wouldn’t it be convenient to have our camera within close reach when we are on sightseeing trips so that we could quickly capture those beautiful scenery? Well, one year later the Mini Pack was born, which is now a wheelchair accessory that is a permanent fixture on my wheelchair.

We Deserve Wheelchair Bags & Wheelchair Backpacks That Don’t Look Like Square Thin Shopping Bags

Our Wheelchair bag designs and ¬†wheelchair accessories came out of my frustration after buying a wheelchair bag for my chair. After using it for couple of days, I realized that the bag was enormous and it looked like a big square sheet of polyester. It was the ugliest wheelchair bag I ever used . It was obvious that whoever designed this never spent any time in a wheelchair. After months of prototypes and tweaking I created a wheelchair bag. Just because I’m in a chair doesn’t mean I don’t like quality wheelchair accessories.

oldbagQuality  Wheelchair Accessories-We Have Options Now!

So, it was my sunglasses and frustration about what was available for us wheelchair users that started WheelchairGear. Enthusiasm, excitement and fun are what motivates WheelchairGear today.

Because you too would prefer quality and originality, and also want easy to use wheelchair accessories, wheelchair bags and wheelchair mini packs, we believe you will also love our products for wheelchair users, so get in gear with us today!

Yes, there are countless wheelchair accessories, wheelchair bags and wheelchair backpacks on other websites, but, we believe no-other website can compare to our products, here’s why

  • Our wheelchair accessories designs are unique and focused on ease of use and usability
  • We use highest quality materials for long lasting durability
  • We understand the wants and needs of wheelchair users
  • Because we are wheelchair user’s ourselves. That’s the difference

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