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Wheelchair bags and wheelchair Backpacks designed by actual wheelchair users, these high quality wheelchair bags focus on ease of use for quick access to your valuables everyday items. Stylish designs and various sizes and colors are now available. Simply select your preferred design to learn more, you can place an order securely on the next page for prompt delivery.

Wheelchair Bags & Wheelchair Backpacks & Wheelchair Accessories

You use your wheelchair daily, you need a functional cool wheelchair bag to carry your stuff. While in your wheelchair you need things at hand, with our wheelchair bags, wheelchair backpacks we can help. At Wheelchairgear keeping your things safe and secure is our goal for you. If you’re looking for cool, modern, wheelchair accessories this is the place, WheelchairGear.

At WheelchairGear, we work hard to design the best wheelchair bags and wheelchair backpacks on the planet. We are wheelchair users here at WheelchairGear and know what it’s like to use cheap, no design wheelchair accessories. So get in gear today!

Thank you from the design team at WheelchairGear.

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Showing all 3 results