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  • What are my options for wheelchair accessories that are easy on and easy off?  You have options for all your wheelchair needs at WheelchairGear!
  • Our wheelchair bags and wheelchair backpacks are very convenient for keeping everything you need easily accessible. Look at the very handy Mini Packs that attach to the front of your wheelchair to keep things in reach for wheelchair users like us. My wallet and cellphone are never easy to carry, this is great!
  •  Wheelchair accessories that are easy to use and designed specifically for wheelchair users that have to adapt & get things done. Our Wheelchair Mini-Packs easily attach up-front on your wheelchair so you can get to your cellphone, wallet, money or what ever you need in a handy place.
  • Carry your valuables securely and access them with ease because we designed our wheelchair accessories with usability for all wheelchair users. Work, shopping, school  or vacation make life easy. We have cool modern wheelchair bags for your manual wheelchair or powerchair.
  • “Push-Handle” Wheelchairs or  “Non Push-Handle” Wheelchairs models we have a wheelchair bag that will solve your problem.
  • Powerchair users we’ve got you covered as well! You can easily attach the “Slice” range of wheelchair backpack and wheelchair bags to the armrest simply by putting the loops around it. Easy said, easier done!
  • You use a wheelchair and like stylish looking top quality cool modern wheelchair accessories, then we can help you “Get In Gear” today! It’s time to show the old wheelchair bag the door!

(Wheelchair Bags & Wheelchair Backpack  Attaching Instructions, Quick & Secure.)

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