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What to Look for When Buying Wheelchair Accessories

Gone are the days where we couldn’t find suitable wheelchair backpacks, now you can simply choose the best, light weight wheelchair Bags and wheelchair Backpacks and wheelchair accessories and travel hassle free anywhere.

We at WheelchairGear create wheelchair backpacks, wheeklchair bags that are compact and sturdy, but we also have No-Slip Grip-Clip wrap around strap with a solid aluminum spring activated carabiner clip which helps you carry stuff on the front tubing of your wheelchair without it sliding down your wheelchairs frame. Great wheelchair accessories for your wheelchair.

Features to Look for in Wheelchair Backpacks and Wheelchair Bags

Well, first of all, ordinary backpacks won’t do for us, that is why you should look for wheelchair backpack and wheelchair bags  that are designed and created by wheelchair users (because unlike normal backpacks and bags, we know what we need in a backpack, and we also know how we use our wheelchair on daily basis). Once again, normal backpacks will not cater for our daily requirements.

Depending on your choice and wants, multiple compartments that are designed to expand for a bigger space maybe ideal for you. The operational ease and easy access is better with compartmentalization, highly customized storage spaces and compartmentalized backpack designs are better if you require transporting various large items such as Laptops as they can be stored in padded cushion for safety.  Side of your wheelchair can hold water bottles, our mini pack range with quick access zips are a safe place for mobile phones and electronic devices for easy access and retrieval.

Fashionable Wheelchair Backpacks and Quality Workmanship

Our range of wheelchair bags are designed to be suitable for all tastes, for example: Our Outlaw wheelchair bag wheelchair backpack is our newest design for the wheelchair user that’s wants a modern cool look!  Our Urban Wheelchair Accessories Bag range is ideal all-rounder for that professional look.

But above all else, what is even more important is the quality of materials a wheelchair backpack manufacturer uses. That means, you either will have a wheelchair backpack or wheelchair bag that looks okay but is created using low-quality materials and workmanship, or, you can simply choose Wheelchair Gear products that looks great, and is created using top quality materials and workmanship (as we use top quality strong garments, zips and quality stitched seams which reinforce long lasting durability).

Testimonial: I’ve had a Mini-Pack on my chair for over five years and I would be lost without it! It’s great!”

Crafted with Expert Advice

We believe the expert advice is the advice and feedback given by everyday wheelchair users such as our valued customers. The wheelchair gear products are manufactured by taking design and usability inputs from wheelchair users. As this allows us to incorporate practical solutions and further improve our products. You can also provide your valuable feedback once you purchase and use our range of wheelchair accessories. Shop for Your New Wheelchair Accessory